Saturday, October 25, 2014

Florida medical marijuana debate: John Morgan vs. Bob Gualtieri

Strobe Lights and Cheech and Chong

Florida mom Susan Schrivjer

Toys R Us has announced it will pull the Walter White and Jesse Pinkman action figures it's stores have been selling after Florida mom Susan Schrivjer started an online petition to have the Breaking Bad figures removed. here

No On 2: Right Wing Propaganda

“It’s not about compassion; it just legalizes pot smoking.”
Amendment 2 explicitly states:  “Nothing in this section authorizes the use of medical marijuana by anyone other than a qualifying patient.”  Moreover it states: "Nothing in this section shall affect laws relating to non-medical use, possession, production or sale of marijuana.”
“…Not just for serious diseases…”
In a ruling handed down on January 27th, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed that the scope of Amendment 2 was unequivocal: only patients with debilitating diseases and conditions would be allowed to have access to medical marijuana under Amendment 2, including those suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease among others.
“How do they know it’s safe?  They don’t.”
In 1988 Drug Enforcement Agency Administrative Law Judge Francis Young said, “marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care.”  There isn’t a single instance of an overdose death caused by marijuana. Marijuana is safer than many medicines commonly found in our cabinets like Advil and Tylenol, which cause 12,000 deaths per year in the United States.
“Kids can legally get it without their parents’ permission.” “No parental control.”
As Politifact stated in its May 20, 2014 fact check on this topic, Florida minors would not be able to get a recommendation for medical marijuana from a physician because, “currently, a parent or guardian must provide consent for medical treatment for a minor, except in emergencies or other unusual circumstances, such as when the Department of Children and Family Services must get involved.”
For the entire Politifact article, please click here

City of Opportunity - City of St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman

Make Calls from Home to Help Save the Senate!

"Together" - Gwen Graham for Congress

The Stogie Recommends

Governor: Charlie Crist
District 2: Gwen Graham
District 3: Marihelen Wheeler
District 9: Alan Grayson
District 15: Alan Cohn
District 16: Henry Lawrence
District 17: Will Bronson
District 26: Joe Garcia
Hillsborough County Commissioner
District 2: Elizabeth Belcher
District 7: Patricia Anne Kemp
School Board Member
District 2: Sally Harris
District 6: April Griffin
Yes on 1
Yes on 2
No on 3

Friday, October 24, 2014

ohn Morgan To Join United for Care Team at “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” Event in Orlando

United for Care Chairman John Morgan will be walking with approximately 85 United for Care volunteers and staff at the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” event in Orlando on Saturday, October 25th.  The United for Care contingent, calling themselves the “For the Patients” team, will participate in order to commemorate those who have lost their lives to breast cancer, to support those who are currently fighting the disease, and to work towards a future without this ailment.

United for Care walks for the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” event
United for Care Chairman John Morgan and the “For the Patients” Team
Lake Eola Park – 24 Rosalind Avenue, Orlando. Survivor Tent (Lot 21) sponsored by Morgan & Morgan Law Firm
Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at 9am

Looking for Rick Scott today?

You won't find him where a judge ordered him to be: In Tallahassee, giving a deposition on the secret email accounts he illegally used to conduct state business. Instead, Scott is holding a massive fundraiser in Miami. I was going to suggest you send him an email to his private address -- 
to try and reach him. But alas, 
 you'll just get an error message.

10 Days Left Florida


Victory Party 
11.4.14 - 7:00 PM  info
@ Tequilas in Ybor

DINO Bob Buckhorn No Fan Of Amendment 2

 Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn believes the legalization of medical marijuana is a “slippery slope,” and is no fan of Amendment 2 here

“There are alternatives for people who are in that type of pain, It’s hard for me to explain 
why I would legitimize what is a drug.”
Mayor Bob, I think the alternatives are called drugs. You need to take your head out of your right wing ass and listen to the experts. 

"Modern Science has proven the medical uses of marijuana, yet so many politicians ignore the studies and instead listen to those with money and power. And of course those with money and power have a lot to lose if medical marijuana passes."
Amos Miers

Are you on the payroll? WasBishop Chuck Leigh right?

Folks it's never too early to start thinking of 2015!

Gwen Graham With Bill Clinton At Florida A&M

The event will be held at Florida A&M Quad and lands in the only Sunday of early voting -- the "souls to the polls" day that could drive a critical African American vote. Admission is free and doors will 
open at noon. here

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Szechuan Shrimp
With Rice
At China Palace in North Port


The Only Way The Gop Will Take Back The White House, Voting Mechanisms

"Republicans need to win gubernatorial races this year so that they’re the ones controlling “voting mechanisms” going into the next presidential election. Would you rather have Rick Scott in Florida overseeing the voting mechanism, or Charlie Crist?"

Dr. Suzanne Sisley, MD

Dr. Suzanne Sisley, MD, who became known nationwide as the Principal Investigator for the only FDA-approved randomized controlled trial looking at the use of medical marijuana to alleviate treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), will be travelling across Florida to conduct press conferences in support of Amendment 2.

Monday, October 27th at 3pm
University of Central Florida – Student Union
12715 Pegasus Drive, Room 316 AB
Orlando, FL 32816

Ft. Lauderdale
(Also featuring local physician and veterans’ advocate
Dr. Anne Morgan and a patient testimonial)
Tuesday, October 28th at 3pm
Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
512 NE 3rd Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Pat Kemp for Hillsborough County Commission

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bill Clinton Coming To Tampa On Sunday

Cyrus Greene Park
22nd St. and MLK in Tampa

Charlie Crist Backed Obama From The Start


Vote Tampa Bay

Early Vote Kick-off Rally In Tampa Today

Join Pat Kemp
Judithanne McLauchlan 
at the 
Early Vote Kick-off Rally at 
Jan Platt Library, 3910 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa
Thursday, October 23rd (Today) at 10:30 AM

All Early Voting locations in Hillsborough County are open from 
7:00 AM until 7:00 PM beginning 
TODAY  October 23rd and running through Sunday, November 2nd.
Any voter registered in Hillsborough County can vote at any of the 
Early Vote locations.

Party With Bill Nelson And Amanda Murphy In New Port Richey

 Monday - October 27th
from 3:30 - 4:30 pm
6236 Grand Boulevard
New Port Richey

To RSVP please contact Brian Goff
Via email at, or call (561) 843-1824

Florida Countdown Clocks

VOTE 2014

The road to political victory in Florida: Interstate 4

Early Voting Starts Today In Tampa

Where to vote in Tampa
Bloomingdale Regional Public Library
1906 Bloomingdale Ave
Valrico, FL 33596
Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
C. Blythe Andrews Jr. Public Library
Fred B. Karl County Center
26th Floor
601 E Kennedy Blvd
Tampa, FL 33602

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library
3910 S Manhattan Ave
Tampa, FL 33611

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
North Tampa Branch Library
8916 North Blvd
Tampa, FL 33604

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Riverview Branch Library
10509 Riverview Dr
Riverview, FL 33578

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center
2514 N Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
SouthShore Regional Library
15816 Beth Shields Way
Ruskin, FL 33573

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Temple Terrace Public Library
202 Bullard Pkw
Temple Terrace, FL 33617

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Town 'N Country Regional Public Library
7606 Paula Drive
Tampa, FL 33615

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
 Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Library 
11211 Countryway Blvd
Tampa, FL 33626

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
West Tampa Branch Library
2312 W Union St
Tampa, FL 33607
Polls Open: 7am - 7pm

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Florida Check This Out

Did you know, 
Vegas-Macau gambling kingpin Sheldon Adelson who pays for the  Propaganda thats coming 
from the anti-Marijuana people also fronts for organized crime and launders money from China into American politics. here
Florida we can beat this guy.
Voting started in Pinellas yesterday
and it starts in Hillsborough tomorrow. 
click here for locations. VOTE YES ON 2
 Their Propaganda will fool the slow Floridians
But we will win if we all show up.

"the future of American democracy is at stake. “We are not living in a democracy when 60 percent of Americans are not voting, while billionaires like the Koch brothers are spending hundreds of millions to buy the United States Senate. That's called oligarchy, not democracy,” 
Bernie Sanders

Florida Treasures Jimmy Buffett And Gwen Graham Live in Tallahassee

@ The Moon Oct. 29
1105 E. Lafayette St., Tallahassee. 
Doors open at 5 p.m. and the show starts at 6:30. 
Graham gets Buffett, Southerland gets Marco Rubio 
Victory Party 
11.4.14 - 7:00 PM  info
@ Tequilas in Ybor

12 Days Left Florida

Vote Early

GOP, Obama Is Not The Guy