Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brian Blair's Kind Words For Jim Norman

"Congratulations Jim, you were always an efficient and effective leader on the BOCC. I also appreciate the fact that you respected those who did not always see "eye to eye" with you. Your a very gracious and kind person and I wish you success in all your endeavors!"  
Brian Blair on Jim Norman
@ SPB here

We wonder if he is also thinking of a comeback. Will we have new stuff for
The Blair Watch Project

You Big Dummy!

A new analysis conducted by Grammarly, a proofreading app, analyzed the spelling and grammar of comments on each presidential candidate’s Facebook page. Guess which political party’s supporters made mistakes at nearly twice the rate of the other?

Rick Scott's Pipeline

There are three major energy companies in Florida, which have formed a partnership to build a 474 mile underground natural gas pipeline, from Alabama and Georgia to a hub south of Orlando. The underground pipeline will be a joint venture owned by Spectra Energy (59.5 percent), Florida Power & Light parent NextEra Energy (33 percent), and Duke Energy (7.5 percent). here
During Scott’s first term, the governor acquired substantial investments in the natural gas industry. His holdings included stock in Spectra Energy, and more than two-dozen companies that produce and transport natural gas in different Florida counties. It appears that Scott owns a percentage in all the major natural gas pipelines in the state of Florida.

Mass Firing Of Teachers In Broward County

How would you feel as a parent if a little more than one month into the school year the principal of your new charter school fired the bulk of teachers and forced others to take huge pay cuts, lose benefits to remain? That's what happened at Paramount Charter School in Broward county where stunned parents discovered their kids were sitting around and drawing all day because there were 
no teachers left: here

Rick Scott's Corporate Welfare State

Rick Scott wants legislators to keep in place a tax break for manufacturing companies.
Two years ago, the Florida Legislature agreed to waive the state’s 6 percent sales tax for equipment purchased by manufacturing businesses. But the
$137 million a year tax break 
is scheduled to end in 2017. here

Friday, October 9, 2015

Local Hero Richard Gonzmart

 "To be a great city, to attract corporations to move in, you have to have some kind of mass transit and rail's the way to go,” 
Richard Gonzmart,  4th generation President and co-owner of the Columbia Restaurant Group, says he's not only a light rail supporter, he's willing to pay for part of it. here

Florida Inc: Rick Scott

 Florida GOP State Sen. Jack Latvala said Wednesday that Gov. Rick Scott’s lengthy veto list last June was driven by politics and individual lobbyists and members who supported specific projects, not public policy. He said he saw few differences when comparing things like estimated return on investment from projects that were vetoed and those that made the final budget. “Mainly, the differences were in who supported those projects and who lobbied for those projects,” he said. here

Florida GOP Matt Gaetz: A Right Granted By God

A move to allow citizens to openly carry firearms is moving in the Florida Legislature. Rep. Matt Gaetz, introduced the proposal Tuesday to the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee. He told lawmakers the measure restores a right, “granted not by 
government but by God. here

People's Climate March - Tampa Bay

10.14.2015 - 5pm
100 N Westshore Blvd Tampa
We demand that Senator Marco Rubio, who continuously ignores the realities of man-kind created climate disruption, to act NOW! We will march from the corner of Westshore and Kennedy to Sen. Marco Rubio's Tampa office (5201 W. Kennedy Blvd

Florida: The Corporate Welfare State

With the backing of a variety of business groups, two Senate committees Tuesday approved bills that would reduce taxes on commercial leases and corporate income. here

Ybor Radical Cinema Club: Film night Harakiri

Monday, October 12 at 7:00pm
Ybor Daily Market
1920 East 7th Ave, Ybor City, Florida


John Morgan, the Chairman of United for Care, has announced he will be matching all donations 9 to 1 in order to support the petition gathering process and to support patient's right to medical marijuana in FL.  Morgan is already the leading donor to the campaign and largely funded it's 2014 effort. John Morgan stated, 
“I started doing this because of my brother and father. During his last days, my father was able to find relief with medical marijuana. My brother, Tim, is a hardworking family man who should not have to suffer or live like a criminal. Like the majority of voters in Florida, I want sick and suffering patients like my brother to have the option to legally use medical marijuana. Over the past 2 years I’ve met so many people across our state that also NEED safe, legal access to medical marijuana. We are going to make sure that happens.
The Tallahassee politicians quit on us early. I will not quit until the people of Florida have a comprehensive medical marijuana law. To show my commitment, I am going to match all online donations 9 to 1 from now until the end of December.”
United for Care needs to collect about 500,000 more petitions before Dec 31st in order to meet the deadline to make the 2016 ballot.
United for Care’s Campaign Manager, Ben Pollara, stated, “We are honored to have the backing of a man who is so compassionate and tenacious. If someone donates $10, he’s going to put $90 on it- that’s phenomenal. It’s going to be tough, but I still think we can make the ballot before the end of the year” here

For press inquiries please contact Bianca Garza at

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bob Buckhorn on citizen review board for Tampa Police

Pat Kemp: The Perfect Candidate At The Right Time

Will we be Denver or Los Angeles? It's a choice we are making right now by default with each day we don't plan for our transportation future.
Like many of you, I'm frustrated, disappointed and disheartened by the cloud that is now hanging over the Go Hillsborough, the county transportation plan.  It should have moved forward with transparency, openness and expertise, building a comprehensive plan for our future instead of an unconnected meagre of projects.
It's time for a plan. I'm excited that we now have an opportunity to buy CSX tracks in Hillsborough County. The tracks run from USF to downtown and across north Hillsborough County by Tampa International Airport and to Pinellas.  They go all the way through Lutz to Brooksville.  With CSX tracks, we'd have a right-of-way and we wouldn't have to wait decades to build a rail system.
In Orlando and Miami, CSX tracks have already been converted for commuter rail use. Converting the tracks will cost far less than a building a new light rail system and less than the cost of the current I-275 road expansion at $120 million a mile.
Beth Alden, the Director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, calls it a "real opportunity as our opportunities get narrower and narrower." Alden says that "DOT has thrown down the gauntlet on this . . . DOT is willing to work with us but they need us to be partners at the table." 

Rick Scott's Traveling Circus

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is not pleased that Florida governor Rick Scott is visiting New York City this week, accusing the Republican governor of leading a "traveling circus" to "steal jobs" from the city. here

Florida GOP Ultra-Right Wing Ron DeSantis

Says He’d Back Ben Carson for Speaker?   

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush supports owner Dan Snyder's refusal to abandon the racist name of his NFL football team. despite years of repeated calls to do so 
from Native Americans activists.
BTW, Snyder donated $100,000 to the Bush-supporting super -PAC Right to Rise back in June.


Today, Representative Matt Gaetz (R-4) and Senator Rob Bradley (R-7) filed a bill expanding on the already existing SB 1030 or “Charlotte’s Web” law. This new proposal would allow for marijuana with higher levels of THC, 
which the current law does not.
Ben Pollara, Campaign Manager at United for Care, said, “The voters of Florida – and specifically,sick and suffering Floridians who are so desperate for medical marijuana – have no reason to trust the legislature to handle this effectively, and every reason NOT to. It’s great that our legislature is finally acknowledging that THC has medicinal value, but even if they manage to pass this bill – which we have no reason to believe they will – it doesn’t help enough people to obviate the need for a constitutional amendment.”
Charlotte’s Web Law is still not implemented even though the law was passed two years ago, and the medicine was supposed to be available to qualified patients in January 2015.
In announcing today’s legislation, Sen. Bradley was quoted as saying, “We need to make sure we do it right. If we just turn it over to a constitutional amendment, it will be taking a sledgehammer to an issue rather than a surgeon’s scalpel.”
Pollara stated, in reaction, “A sledgehammer over the head may in fact be the only way for Floridians to have their voices heard by the largely deaf ears of Tallahassee politicians, who despite valiant efforts by courageous, thoughtful members like Sens. Bradley and Brandes and Reps. Gaetz, Steube and Edwards, have simply failed to enact meaningful laws on this issue.”
For press inquiries please contact Bianca Garza at

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tell Mayor Buckhorn To Welcome Syrian Refugees

Add your support to the letter from America's mayors welcoming Syrian refugees into their communities. here

Fascist Running For Senate In Florida

A senatorial candidate has arisen in Florida who makes Trump look like a goddamn centrist, and his name is Augustus Sol Invictus. The 32-year-old lawyer and probable fascist is running as a Libertarian to replace Marco Rubio as one of Florida’s two representatives in the U.S. Senate, and his history is fairly insane. here 

Homeless in Titusville Part 3

What Stogie Had For Lunch

House Special Soup
At China Wok in Port Charlotte
Visit them here

Pinellas County Barrier Islands Abandoned In 50 Years

A University of Miami geologist is calling the problem of sea-level rise irreversible because 93 percent of excess heat from global warming is in the oceans; at St. Petersburg College in Seminole Friday, Harold Wanless warned that barrier islands, like those lining the coast of Pinellas County, may start to be abandoned in as soon as 50 years. here

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bethune-Cookman University To Honor Rick Scott

Scott's recognition comes because of his focus on creating jobs, and his focus on education and healthcare. here

Wall St. Dem Love Fest In Fort Lauderdale: Clinton And Murphy

Patrick Murphy, aiding and abetting a Republican “witch hunt” of Hillary Clinton by voting last year to create a House select committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attacks.
Murphy attended a fundraiser for Clinton in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, the Democratic presidential front-runner recognized Murphy and told donors she is “so proud of him.”

Homeless in Titusville Part 2

Local Artist: Dante R Hadley

Check out his stuff here

Tallahassee Pay-To-Play Culture: Carlos Curbelo

is among about two dozen GOP congressional representatives who have promised to supply detailed information about their "legislative agenda" and "political justifications" to national Republican donors in exchange for financial support. here

Monday, October 5, 2015

United for Care Looking For Medical Marijuana Refugees

Bianca A Garza, 
Hello everyone! As Director of Communications with United for Care. I am still looking for people who have left Florida for a state that allows medical use of marijuana. In other words, medical marijuana refugees. I'd like to hear and share these stories in order to help educate the community on why a medical marijuana law is so important in our state. If you know of anyone please give them my email:

Bob Buckhorn's Fringe Groups

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn 
upset civic groups including the NAACP and American Civil Liberties Union when he dismissed critics of his new police review board as “fringe groups” who want to “tear down our community. ” Buckhorn said he sees no need to meet with those groups as called for by City Council Chairman Frank Reddick. here
“Mayor, there is a cloud of distrust over police-community relations in this town, and this country, we are merely responding to their demands for justice.” Frank Reddick

Homeless in Titusville

All GOP Candidates Reject Invitation From Latino Conference

Except Donald Trump, who wasn't even invited. Democratic candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton will be there. here