Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome To Tampa Fortune 500 Companies

“Everything is firing on all eight cylinders" 
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn 

Is Jeb Bush A Schlemeil?

Translation: A bumbler, a fumbler, a person plagued by ineptitude. Or, to put it more inelegantly, a schlemeil is somebody who eludes a mud puddle only to step in dog poo.
While trying to mend fences with Hispanics, he said that he hadn't meant to suggest that the slur term "anchor babies" applied to them. No, no. Here's what he meant: "Frankly, it's more related to Asian people coming into the country." Well, that clears things up. He hadn't meant to smear Hispanics. He was trying to smear Asians. here

Affordable Child Care for All - Tampa Bay

September 1, at 6:30pm
Seminole Heights Branch Library
4711 N Central Ave, Tampa

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Shrimp Dumpling Soup
At Koo's Kitchen in Englewood 
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Alan Grayson - Most Effective


Regulate Florida, a recently formed political committee, released a constitutional amendment petition to allow adult use of marijuana in Florida, under a regulatory structure similar to that which exists for alcohol. The organization led by longtime marijuana reform advocates, Karen Goldstein and Michael Minardi.
United for Care remains dedicated to the passage of a constitutional amendment to allow sick and suffering Floridians access to medical marijuana and has no official position on the legalization initiative. Campaign manager, Ben Pollara, issued the following statement regarding the new initiative:
"I know firsthand that getting on the ballot by petition is a Herculean task that they are taking on, and I wish Karen and Michael the best of luck in this endeavor.” Pollara continued, “United for Care remains entirely dedicated to passing a strong medical marijuana law that serves sick and suffering Floridians, and we have not and will not take a position regarding this new amendment.”
“Perhaps our intellectually dishonest opponents will have to find a new argument to oppose medical marijuana now, given that their standard line of attack has been that this is a ‘trick’ to legalize marijuana. This campaign has always been and will always be about the needs of the sick and suffering among us."
To date, United for Care has collected about 400,000 petitions, and 43,259 had been verified as of 5 pm on Wednesday. A constitutional amendment petition requires signatures from 683,149 registered voters.
For press inquiries please contact 
Bianca Garza at

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hillsborough County Schools In Partnership With Uber Liberal Blog

Bush Backtracks After Falling For Right-Wing Media Talking Points On Birthright Citizenship

After falling for right-wing media talking points about ending birthright citizenship and "anchor babies," Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush is scrambling to justify and backtrack his offensive rhetoric. here 

Conservative media have spent years complaining about "anchor babies" and "birth tourism," and calling for an end to birthright citizenship -- a constitutional guarantee. 
Conservative media figures going back to Glenn Beck in his Fox News days have railed against so-called "anchor babies" and "birth tourism," the former a derogatory slur and debunked myth used against U.S. born children of non-citizens, the latter of which represents a sliver of births that experts have repeatedly pointed out are "extraordinarily rare" and an insignificant immigration problem. As Salon's Simon Maloy wrote, this "grossly nativist and legally dubious" rhetoric has nevertheless found a receptive audience among conservatives.

Tampa Bay Homeless

Meet David
He is from Pennsylvania

Florida Call For An Independent Redistricting Commission!

For a third time, the GOP led state legislature failed to draw fair congressional maps after wasting millions of taxpayer dollars fighting the Fair District amendments. 

St. Pete for Peace Film Series "SubMedia TV with Bruce Wright"

Today in St. Pete
Community Cafe, Central Ave, St Pete

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Koch Brothers Thanking Florida GOP

Koch Brothers-financed Americans for Prosperity announced it’s launching a two-week long ad campaign featuring TV, digital and mail to praise the 72 lawmakers
who the group says, “stood up for taxpayers and patients against special interests who pushed to bring Obama‘s Medicaid expansion to the Sunshine State.”

The ad to be aired in the Tampa Bay area features local Republicans Jeff Brandes, Richard Corcoran, Dana Young, 
Larry Ahern, Chris Sprowls and Jamie Grant.

Florida GOP voters how is that booty feeling?
Remember we got your back!

Tampa Dead Last Out Of 60 Metro Areas For Commuting

In 2010, Forbes ranked Tampa dead last out of 60 metro areas for commuting. Transportation for America declared it the second-most-dangerous city for pedestrians. And a 2007 survey of 30 metropolitan areas found exactly one with no walkable destinations: Tampa, Fla. “Tampa is not a particularly pedestrian-friendly city,” Mayor Bob Buckhorn recently admitted. here

What Pilar And Stogie Had For Lunch

Sushi and All You Can Eat Buffet
At Buffet City in Brooksville
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Capitalists Are Depending On A Leninist To Prop Up The Global Economy

In speeches and writings, Chinese President Xi Jinping often delivers the rhetoric of a Communist Party hard-liner. Yet more than ever, capitalists worldwide are depending upon this Leninist to prop up the global economy. here

Florida GOP Luncheon


Monday, August 24, 2015

Florida Banana Republican

Florida GOP kept alive the distinct possibility that we may soon be able to proclaim 2015 as the most pathetic year in the history of Florida politics. Sacrilege, you say!
After all, this is a state that single-handedly held up a presidential election in 2000. It bungled the 1876 presidential election, too. For crying out loud, this is a state that elected Rick Scott as governor. Twice!  John Romano

Welcome To Tampa Postcard

Come on down, this is what awaits you!

Florida's Culture Of Corruption: Secret District Maps

The elaborate plan, which included staffing up public hearings with fake testimony and building maps in the shadows, involved many of the same Republican advisors who influenced the congressional plan. here 

The Florida Supreme Court ruled 5-2 in July that the secretive process allowing GOP operatives to infiltrate the redistricting process had “tainted” the congressional map and proved it was the product of “illegal partisan intent.

Read more here:

Read more here:

The Kriseman Administration Sustainability initiatives

Mayor Rick Kriseman announced a plan to make St. Petersburg a  far greener city Thursday, unveiling an executive order to develop a climate action plan to address sea level rise, retrofit city-owned building of more than 10,000-square-feet for energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. here

Democratic Women's Club of Upper Pinellas 75th Anniversary Celebration

August 29th @11am
Royal Palms at The Palms of Largo

What Stogie Had For Lunch

Chicken Fried Steak
With Potatoes
At Country Kitchen in Brooksville
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Florida War Hawks: Alcee Hastings, Ted Deutch and (Kathy Castor?)

Kathy Castor says she’s not ready to announce whether she supports the Iran nuclear deal. here

A Post For Millennials

1980-2000 - Millennials or Generation Y
Every where you look you read how Millennial are going to rule the world. Here at home you don't grasp the power you have. If you guys had voted for Amendment 2 last year we would be on our way to legalizing marijuana in the state of Florida right now, instead we have to do it all over again. John Morgan told you but you didn't listen. It is your future why are you letting a bunch of old people ruin it for you.  Check out this fact, in Hillsborough County there are 301,447 Democrats to 244,078 Republicans, 221,905 don't belong to any party at all. Which brings us to the issue of transit. This is your future, us old folks will all be dead and gone. Get involved

Hillsborough County Anti Bullying Town Hall Meeting

Commie Reading Group - Strike! In Ybor

August 26 at 6:00pm
Ybor Daily Market - Downtown Ybor City

Florida DINO War Hawk Ted Deutch Draws Boos In Boca Raton

  It’s usually a love-fest when Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, holds a meeting with constituents in his heavily Democratic Palm Beach-Broward congressional district. But Deutch’s opposition to President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran drew boos and some heated questions Wednesday during a packed town hall meeting. here